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Double tube sheet heat exchanger

The double tube sheet heat exchanger is a kind of heat exchanger with two tube sheets with a certain gap at one end of the heat exchanger or equivalent to two tube plates with a certain gap. The double tube sheet heat exchanger adopts a fixed tube sheet structure, and the tube bundle cannot be drawn out for cleaning, which is different from the single tube sheet heat exchanger tube bundle that can be drawn out for cleaning. There is a tube sheet at the end of the heat exchange tube named outer tube plate, which is connected to the heat exchange tube and the tube box flange. There is also a tube sheet near the end of the heat exchange tube, named the inner tube sheet. An isolation cavity that does not withstand pressure is formed between the outer tube sheet and the inner tube sheet.

In the manufacturing process of the double tube sheet heat exchanger, the key factor is to control the coaxiality, parallelism, twisting degree and perpendicularity of the four tube sheets to the axis of the shell, which can greatly guarantee the manufacturing quality of the equipment.

The double-tube heat exchanger is mainly suitable for mixing with the materials of the tube and shell side quality inspection, which will cause serious consequences. If the shell side fluid and the tube side fluid are mixed, the following conditions are not allowed;

Produce severe corrosion;

Fire or explosion occurred;

Diffuse extreme media;

Produce resin or polymer to form equipment fouling;

Poisoning the catalyst, or stopping or lagging the chemical reaction, so as to reduce the output;

Make the product impure;