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High flux tube heat exchanger

High-flux tube heat exchangers are widely used in various heat exchange equipment with phase change, vaporizers, evaporators, reboilers and condensers. A high-flux tube has a layer of metal particles sintered on the surface of the light pipe. There are a large number of circulating gaps between the particles. Due to the rapid circulation of gas and liquid inside and outside the gap, efficient liquid film evaporation is formed in the gap, which can maintain the medium in a boiling state in a wide range of heat flux, so that the heat transfer coefficient is greatly improved.

The high-flux tube has the advantages of high boiling heat transfer coefficient, low wall temperature required for boiling, high critical heat load, stable operation, and high elasticity.

The geometric characteristics of the surface of the high-flux tube and the density of holes determine the strengthening result. The boiling heat transfer coefficient of high-flux tubes is 8 to 10 times that of ordinary industrial smooth tubes.

At present, our company has manufactured fixed tube sheet type high flux tube heat exchangers with a diameter of DN3200mm and a weight of 220 tons.