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Float head baffle heat exchanger

Float head baffle heat exchanger and condenser is a new type of high-efficiency heat transfer equipment, which has the advantages of strong anti-vibration performance, small flow resistance, not easy to scale, good heat transfer performance and uniform surface temperature. It is different from the commonly used segmental baffle heat exchanger. The heat exchange tube is supported by a baffle ring composed of a rod system, and the tube is fixed from four directions of up, down, left and right. The shell fluid flows parallel to the axial direction of the tube bundle, and the flow resistance is very small, generally 1/7~1/9 of the arc-shaped baffle. Therefore, the shell-side flow rate can be increased to increase the shell-side turbulent velocity, thereby enhancing heat transfer. The baffle condenser is very suitable for various gas condensation processes at the top of the tower, especially for the positions limiting pressure drop loss, such as the top of the catalytic splitter condenser.

The extremely low resistance drop of the shell is the most prominent feature of the baffle heat exchanger and condenser. Compared with the segmental baffle heat exchanger, the heat exchange area can be saved by 30%. At a rate of heat transfer per unit pressure drop, the baffle is about twice that of the baffle.

Heat exchange tube type: smooth tube, threaded tube, bellows, spiral corrugated tube, internal corrugated external threaded tube, conical finned tube.

Heat exchange tube material: 10#, stainless steel, 08Cr2AlMo, copper, nickel, titanium, zirconium.