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08 steel heat exchanger

08Cr2AlMo tube heat exchanger is a kind of corrosion-resistant heat exchange equipment. It's widely used in oil refining devices such as hydrogenation, atmospheric and vacuum, catalytic cracking, distillation, delayed coking, propane deasphalting, gasoline and diesel hydrogenation, etc., involving mediums including rich absorption oil, gasoline, diesel, wax, hydrogen and propane, circulating water, etc. Compared with carbon steel, it has high resistance to stress corrosion cracking of H2S-H2O series and H2S-HCI-CH2O series. 08Cr2AlMo heat exchange tube has high mechanical properties at high temperature and low brittle transition temperature. Its use temperature range is -60 °C ~ 500 °C. Welded test pieces of 08Cr2AlMo and 10# steel are tested for H2S corrosion and H2S stress corrosion cracking resistance. The test results show that H2S stress corrosion cracking occurs in both the 10# steel and the welded pattern, and no cracks were found in the welded and unwelded 08Cr2AlMo steels.

08Cr2AlMo is corrosion resistant in HCI aqueous solution. For 10# steel, 12Cr2AiMoV and 08Cr2AlMo steel samples were immersed in 80% 5% HCL aqueous solution for 24 hours first, and the corrosion rate of 08Cr2AlMo steel was tested to be about 20% of 10# steel and 33% of 12Cr2AlMoV steel.

Scope of application: heat exchange tube types include: smooth tube, corrugated tube, threaded tube, spiral corrugated tube.