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Threaded tube heat exchanger

Threaded tube is an enhanced heat transfer element. It can replace smooth tubes to form a series of shell and tube heat exchangers of various specifications, and can also assemble condensers, coolers, and horizontal reboilers of various specifications. It's an energy-saving product that improves the total heat production coefficient by 30-50%; its corrosion resistance is higher than that of a smooth tube heat exchanger, so that it can extend the operating cycle and service life; when the heat supply coefficient inside and outside the tube differs by 2 times, it is a project use occasion.

Heat exchange tube type: 10#, stainless steel, carbon steel aluminized, 08Cr2AlMo.

Types of heat exchange equipment: float head type single segmental baffle heat exchanger, condenser; float head type baffle rod heat exchanger; float head type double segmental, three segmental baffle heat exchanger; spiral baffle heat exchanger.