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Spiral baffle heat exchanger

The baffle channel in the shell side of the spiral baffle heat exchanger has broken through the flow pattern of lateral flow and multiple retracing in the shell side of the traditional vertical segmental baffle heat exchanger. The tube bundle skeleton is formed by several fan-shaped baffles with a 1/4 shell-side cross-sectional area, which are assembled spirally from the inlet. In this structure, the shell-side medium is not the lateral flow of the segmental baffle, nor is it the longitudinal flow of the baffle heat exchanger. It is a spiral flow flowing continuously and smoothly around the center of the heat exchanger tube bundle. The spiral baffle has a single shell side and double shell side structure, which greatly improves the heat transfer efficiency of the tube shell side medium, greatly reduces the shell side pressure drop, reduces the heat exchanger tube bundle vibration and is not easy to scale.

Types of heat exchange tubes of this equipment include: smooth tube, corrugated tube, threaded tube, spiral corrugated tube, internal wave external threaded tube

Heat exchange tube material: 10#, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, carbon steel aluminized, 08Cr2AlMo.

Scope of application

It is suitable for both clean media and high viscosity crude oil and residual oil, etc. It can be widely used in energy-saving and consumption-reducing, potential-expanding, capacity-building and transformation projects, as well as new projects in oil refining and chemical enterprises.